Grass-Fed Free Range Beef Cattle

Farma Pieńków is a family farm founded in 1994. We have been raising beef cattle for twenty years.

Green Pastures

Our grass is green and so is our philosophy. Our cattle feed on 1100ha of ecologically certified grassland.

High Quality

Our large pasture assures the welfare and health of our animals. Cattle are born to be raised on pasture in a herd, not kept inside and fed grain with protein supplements.

Why Size Matters

Most beef cattle producers concentrate a large number of animals on a small amount of land. This high concentration means that food needs to be brought to the animals and their waste needs to be trucked out. This industrial method of cattle raising is bad for the animals and bad for the environment – it does not need to be so.

The Carbon Cycle

Our grass-feeding process participates in and enhances the natural cycle of carbon and other nutrients. Our cattle eat and digest on pasture, where the consumption and regrowth of grass naturally captures carbon from the environment and returns it to the soil.

100% American Black Angus

The Origin.

Pieńków Angus cattle are 100% American Black Angus cattle. Both maternal and paternal lines of our foundation herd come exclusively from cattle selected in the United States. Our lines are replenished solely with seed from award winning American bulls.

Nutrition Facts.

American Black Angus cattle are extremely popular because of the level of good, “marble” fat in their meat and low external fat content. Study after study shows that all cattle, and especially American Angus, have even more beneficial omega-3 fat when raised on pasture and with grass, as nature intended

The Flavor.

Grass-fed meats are unlike other meats. Because the animals eat the grass of their region, their flavor profile reflects the unique ecology of the region in which they are raised. Beef from Farma Pieńków has a rich mouth feel and an intense beefy flavor incomparable to generic, industrially produced beef.

We sell full and half carcasses

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